Even though spider silk is not the fiber spun to create the silk yarns with which we knit, I couldn’t help but share this image of the tiny silk yarn-bombing I discovered in my backyard.

Nature’s real knitters (or are they crocheters? or weavers? or spinners?), such as spiders and silk worms, are constantly creating their own fibrous masterpieces and they don’t even need the help of needles, hooks or notions. Though, if I were to suddenly have the power to spin my own yarn from my own person, I believe I’d prefer to do it like a worm, who excretes her silk from glands located near her mouth, rather than like the spider, who, unlike the palm-squirting Spiderman, excretes her silk from spinnerets located just below her anus.

If cocoons are the insect equivalent of sweaters, or perhaps afghans, then what of the web? Is it more fisherman’s net, or crockpot, or equal parts of both? And more importantly, is there a pattern for it?

Whether your want to hook your own cocoon-inspired blanket or knit some web-influenced reusable grocery bags, we’ve got plenty of silk yarns for you to choose from.

There’s Silk Gima from Habu. The same company that makes yarn from stainless steel, paper, and copper brings us this soft, matte silk. “Gima” is actually Japanese for “fake linen,” which makes sense when you see this yarn up close.

If you prefer your silk with a more traditional sheen, we have the lovely DK weight Mulberry by Louisa Harding.

Shibui’s Heichi is a gorgeous raw silk tweed. The fiber and color combinations make for a rustic worsted weight yarn perfect for fall.

We also have a variety of Araucania silk yarns, artisanally dyed in stunning shades influenced by the Chilean landscape and wildlife.

We have even more silk and silk blends in the shop including yarns from Cascade and Rowan. Forget the spooky polyester cobwebs strung about for Halloween. Instead, chain a few stitches and channel the spider through silk.

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  1. Kristi on October 22, 2012 4:32 am

    Love this post! Great writing :)

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